Who are we? What we do?

We are a group of computer enthusiasts with the sole motto of Sharing Knowledge, Bridging Gaps


It is a three day hands-on workshop where we enlighten people about Linux and open source concepts from the grounds-up.


A two day free event having a theme each year with varied session from industry experts and free workshops

Free Sessions and Workshops

Tech talks and session on various topics such as Python, How stuff works and other hot topics

Linuxication 2k18 is here!

Linuxication Poster

Linuxication is the flagship event of MIT Computer Users Group.

Various sessions on topics ranging from installation of the Linux operating system, basic commands used in Linux, shell scripting etc. to general open source concepts are conducted.

All these sessions are conducted by the members of MCUG, thus providing the participants a friendly atmosphere to learn in.

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Linuxication is a three day workshop educating the masses about Linux and open source concepts from the grounds up. The workshop is conducted at a very nominal fee of Rs. 250/-.
We are excited to bridge the gap between you and Linux. Do join us for this hands-on 3 day workshop

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